The Story of a little known Youtube video.

A couple of years ago I created a highlight video for Mark LeGree. I did not have access to any footage except for what I could find on youtube. The quality of videos I found was very poor and to add to it I used a flip video camera to record and edit the footage. At times you could even see me in the reflection of my computer screen. As a joke I chose the song Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA” as the background music. I thought it would be funny and I liked that song.

Two years later on April 30, The Seattle Seahawks drafted Mark LeGree. Many Seahawks fans asked themselves ,”Who”? Then they proceeded to type the name in on youtube. This is what came up…

It did not take long for my video to start getting thousands of views and comments like these:
44Grimace– what a gay song for a highlight film.
BigTravis1313– Football highlights to Miley Cyrus? Wouldn’t be my first choice.
and my favorite…
Matthews628– seriously did a ten year old chick make this video?

In response to my critics I have to say this..
To: 44Grimace– you should listen to the B4 You Speak commercial with Grant Hill on the use of the GAY word.
To: BigTravis1313– ok, cool.
To: Matthews628- Seriously I’m 21 and a dude.

At first it was funny to me that my video was getting so many views and that Miley Cyrus was the background music for all these hardcore Seattle Fans. But then, my video made its way to a Seattle Seahawk website! Not only was my video on the site for all to see, but it was the subject of this article.

You can read the whole article at

Here is part of the article…

After the draft meandered to a close, I set about looking into some of the ‘Hawks selections, seeing as almost nobody predicted any of these guys ending up in Seattle. Get the little guy out of the way first, I told myself, and started looking at the small-school kid with a funny name. There wasn’t much out there in the way of video highlights and he didn’t seem to come out of school with the cult-following that a lot of smaller school prospects have. I began to get discouraged, thinking LeGree was an even bigger reach than I feared. If he’s so good, where’s all the fanfare?
Then I discovered this video. I avoided it at first because the quality makes it look like someone taped a copy of the Zapruder film through garden meshing and the song makes the whole thing seem like a joke, but I pressed on despite the obstacle, as heroes are inclined to do, and I’m nothing if not a hero.
I know the first thing you guys will comment on is the music for the video, but before you freak out, know that the song originally picked for the video was this, and that it only sounds like Miley Cyrus compared to the fury that LeGree displays on the field.

The problem is, FieldGulls website, (just understood the creativity of that name as I typed it) the whole thing was a joke. There is only one serious part of that whole highlight video and that’s where I say Best Safety In the Nation! Had I known that this video would have been the only official video for him I would have taken more time on it and maybe changed the song. But then again maybe not because then it probably would not have been mentioned in this article.


Everyone should check out the full article because it is very funny and true!



2 Responses to “The Story of a little known Youtube video.”

  1. jubeltheseahawkbear Says:

    Ha ha ha! I liked the bit where Danny said this:

    know that the song originally picked for the video was this(link to Amon Amarth video), and that it only sounds like Miley Cyrus compared to the fury that LeGree displays on the field.

  2. Nice 😀
    And always count me in 😉

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