2012 Braves Collapse (October 5, 2012)

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I predicted a homerun.

In the waning moments of the latest installment of “October Braves Collapse,” the shot cuts to Andrelton Simmons. Rafael Furcal 2.0 (or maybe a poor man’s Neftali Feliz?), a man who had turned 3 years old probably a month before Francisco Cabrera made all my childhood dreams come true while at the same time banishing the Pittsburgh Pirate organization into baseball purgatory, strolls to the plate. Being at a social gathering filled with Braves fans with varying degrees of interest, I lean over to the closest person to inform them that yes, Andrelton is about to tie the game with a three run homerun. I am not one normally to participate in such a worthless endeavor, but I had a feeling something big was about to happen.

… four days later.

The general consensus of the American sports scene, in my opinion, views the Atlanta (Braves) sports fan as the prototypical “fair weather fan.”   I’ll let Urban dictionary clarify:

A fan of a sports team who only shows support when the team is doing well.

During hard times they usually jump on the bandwagon of other teams.

They basically have no real loyalty to the team, but still manage to get better

seats than you at the game. Strangely they mysteriously vanish at the first sign

of trouble. 

If fair weather is our baseline, then we can likely deduce that when Random Sports Fan X in Sierra, Nevada has a fleeting thought in reflection of this year’s Infield Fly Rule Game, he may always remember Braves fans to not only be fair-weather in nature, but also classless and even dangerous plastic bottle throwers.

Who cares, right? Chiefs fans cheered an injury to their starting quarterback this past Sunday, and while that information was important enough for me to recall now, it doesn’t really mean anything to me. But, it occurs to me that I am at a good position to shed light on why the Atlanta Braves fan base responded so strongly to this game.

I categorically deny the title fair-weather fan. It is akin to calling a business man bad at business. For, if we as fans cannot stick with our chosen teams through thick and thin, can we really even be called fans in the first place? As a fan, my only job is to root for a team.   I need(ed) a better term to represent my angst but consistency as a sports fan.

I don’t think I coined this term. Like most ideas I’ve had, I assume someone smarter and older thought of it first. The term is weathered fan. As a weathered fan, I am at once both always hopeful and always pessimistic of the outcome in relation to my favorite teams. As an avid sports fan for the last twenty years, I have experienced enough downs without the ups to balance them out to understand that things so rarely work out like I hope. I find that when faced with the decision of whether I am going to allow myself the luxury of dreaming the impossible (Chipper leading the World Series parade down Peachtree, Roddy White keeping both feet in to win the Super Bowl, Jarvis Jones sacking Matt Barkley on 4th and long to win the National Championship, Josh Smith leading… haha nevermind on that one), I am usually trying to hide my pessimism from others so as not to ruin their own sports experience.

The unprecedented run upon which the Braves found themselves in the postseason for 14 consecutive seasons, in relation to my life, happened from ages 10 – 24. In other words, I didn’t have a chance. Every October was spent living and dying with every rally or defeat. And Atlanta, as a sports city, most recently experienced the same thing.

During a 14 year reign that only equaled one World Series Championship, we became spoiled and jaded. We got so much of what we wanted (the Playoffs) but never got the final payoff (the Championships).   The Braves, with all their success, provided themselves more chances than any other team to fail on the big stage. Fail when we needed them most.

Hollywood gave Atlanta reason to break their own unwritten rules, and dream of a World Series. What more fitting end to the reign of one of the most popular modern day baseball players than with a World Series title. We did not want to allow ourselves to picture it, but with a 19-7 September record, Kris Medlen and Craig Kimbrel, and our golden boy Larry Jones, we let ourselves dream the impossible.  And we should have known better.



Reina Cookie Racing

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For four years now, my brother and I have wanted to do an adventure race. We never actually committed to a race because we didn’t have a girl willing to compete in such a rigorous race, much less have a girl that could compete in such a race.

We found both in one of my friends who is an avid runner. At first, I was not sure if she would be “hardcore” enough to want to do an adventure race. However, after driving by her running on the 301 bypass… on her way to work out at the gym, I quickly rested any doubts.

The race was set for January 14. This gave us a couple of months to train. However, we didn’t really train all that much. Josh and I would go biking every now and then but nothing compared to the eight hour race we were set to compete in. We didn’t train as a team until three days before the race. For our first team training session we ran eight miles and Josh and I were dead tired. Taylor led the way and had to stop to wait on us a few times (this would be a re-occurring theme throughout the race). We kept reading that the physical aspects of the race were only half of the challenge; the other half consisted of knowing how to navigate. With that being said, Josh bought a compass two days before the race and read the directions on how to use it the day before. It was official–Josh would be our team navigator.

Here we were a day before an eight hour race, having done minimal training and having no clue how to navigate. Of course we registered for the elite division (along with one of the top teams in the nation) and of course our goal was to win.

We left at midnight and drove (we made Josh drive so he could practice his navigating skills) all through the night to get to Louisa State Park, near Orlando, FL by 6:00 a.m. After a night of zero sleep, I started second guessing: 1) if we could even finish a race like this and 2) if I even wanted to try.

We got our race map and went through team check-ins. After doing a quick assessment of the other competitors, I noticed that everyone looked to be in phenomenal shape and either military or ex-military. Not to mention, most bikes there could have cost more than all three of ours combined.

As we approached the starting line, I forgot about being sleepy and overmatched and only cared about winning. We started off strong finding the first two check points with ease. Everyone was still together so we didn’t have to navigate and were able to follow other teams. After the second check point, we decided to try and go a different route from everyone else. After all, we were here to win and Josh had successfully driven us to Florida; so we went along with this plan. Twenty minutes later we were running through thorn bushes up to our waist and getting cut up everywhere. This was when we concluded we were lost and needed to back-track to our last check point. We finally got back to the check point and continued to be lost. Since we were now in last place and no one in sight to follow, we were forced to learn how to navigate. While Josh tried to figure out where we were, Taylor and I paced around wondering how we were going to finish the remaining seven hours of the race. Finally, we figured out where we were but decided to not look for the remaining two check points because we were an estimated 30 minutes behind the second-to-last place team.

We started the biking section by easily finding the two check points on the way to the canoe area. We were riding as hard as we could and began to pass a few teams. The trails were full of sand and were extremely hard to ride on. This must have slowed down a lot of teams because we were able to pass six of them.

We began to feel good about ourselves and gained a little confidence. We took this confidence into the canoeing section. Pride comes before the fall, but in this case it came before the wave. As Josh and I scattered to find all our gear in the freezing water, Taylor swam her way back to land. Taylor was now adamant that this was not for her and that she was going home. Luckily for us, it was not possible for her to go home at this point because there would have been no stopping her. We reassured her that we wouldn’t flip again and encouraged her to get back into the canoe because there was nowhere else to go. This time I stayed in the water and tried to keep the canoe stable while Josh and Taylor paddled. As I was holding onto the back of the canoe in the freezing cold water and thinking how miserable the rest of the race was going to be, I noticed a dead lizard by Taylor’s barefoot. I thought about telling her, but decided it was best to just hope she didn’t look down. Not only did she end up seeing the lizard, but we ended up flipping again. We were now forced to carry the canoe along shore. Most other teams were also doing the same. We ended the canoeing section only getting one of six check points. Some teams abandoned their canoe to get the remaining checkpoints but most teams moved on to the running section.

We took our time regrouping mentally and physically after one of the worst hours of my life. I personally have had an unusual amount of experience with jumping in cold water, more than the average person; but nothing compared to this.

With dry clothes and shoes we were looking forward to the running section so we could warm up. This section was by far our best one. Taylor led the way and we were able to go ahead of half the teams. Josh was doing really well with the navigating and we were killing it as a team…until we took the wrong route and spent 30 minutes looking for a single checkpoint. This gave all the other teams time to catch up. This was the most frustrating part. No matter how hard we pushed, or how far we got ahead, the more experienced navigators would always catch up. This would happen multiple times throughout the rest of the race.

The last phase was very hard. There were 14 checkpoints scattered in a 20-plus mile radius. The trails were extremely hard to ride on and were like riding on a beach. We managed to find all the check points in this section and found ourselves with forty minutes to travel four miles back to the finish line. This was where we were able to pass a few teams because we knew exactly where to go and were able to out-race them back.

We finished in 7 hours and 34 minutes and came in third in our elite co-ed division. We learned a lot in our first race. We learned what to expect, that Taylor hated cold water but was better than most guys out there, and most importantly we learned that we were capable of winning!

Sorting thru some Fan Mail

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Dear Where Random and Sport Collide,
I was checking over your site and there are some pretty cool blogs. I had just one question. Shouldn’t your site be changed to Where Random and Mark LeGree Collide since all you write about is Mark LeGree?
Sincerely, J.P. Arencibia

Dear J.P,
That is a good point. I am fortunate enough that my favorite player also happens to be one of my best friends, so that is the reason I like to write about him. As far as changing the name I don’t think that sounds right.

Dear Where Random and Sport Collide,
Do you think Steve Nash will have a better season now that he has come out and said that he was gay?
The One and Only, Shin-Soo Choo

Dear The One and Only,
I think you misunderstood the news. Steve Nash has recently voiced his support for gay marriage in a video. In it he says, “A growing number of professional athletes are speaking out in support of gay and lesbian couples getting married, I’m proud to be one of them. Join me and the supermajority of New Yorkers who support marriage equality”. But to answer your question Yes I do.

Dear Where Random and Sport Collide,
Do you think Mark LeGree can come in and make a difference on the Seahawks Defense?
Matt “Big Daddy” Holliday

Dear Matt,
They would have to shutdown the whole league to keep LeGree from coming in there and making plays right away!! Oh wait…

Dear Where Random and Sport Collide,
I see you like Miley Cyrus. What do you think of Selena Gomez’s new song “Who Says?”
Sincerely, Charlie Morton

Dear Charlie Morton,
I really like that song. I think it should be sung in game 7 of the NBA finals, and games 1,2,3,4,5,6

Dear Where Random and Sport Collide,
I saw your article on Field Gulls website. I think your site sucks compared to theirs. What do you think of it?
From, Lance Berkman

Dear Lance,
I was stoked when my link was put on their website. I think their site is great and I look at it everyday. I hope one day I can write for a site like that.

Dear Where Random and Sport Collide,
Do you really get these emails or do you just make them up?
Your #1 fan Cole Hamels

Dear Cole Hamels,
You are on my fantasy team! In fact everyone that has emailed me so far is on my fantasy team. This is a great day!

The Story of a little known Youtube video.

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A couple of years ago I created a highlight video for Mark LeGree. I did not have access to any footage except for what I could find on youtube. The quality of videos I found was very poor and to add to it I used a flip video camera to record and edit the footage. At times you could even see me in the reflection of my computer screen. As a joke I chose the song Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA” as the background music. I thought it would be funny and I liked that song.

Two years later on April 30, The Seattle Seahawks drafted Mark LeGree. Many Seahawks fans asked themselves ,”Who”? Then they proceeded to type the name in on youtube. This is what came up…

It did not take long for my video to start getting thousands of views and comments like these:
44Grimace– what a gay song for a highlight film.
BigTravis1313– Football highlights to Miley Cyrus? Wouldn’t be my first choice.
and my favorite…
Matthews628– seriously did a ten year old chick make this video?

In response to my critics I have to say this..
To: 44Grimace– you should listen to the B4 You Speak commercial with Grant Hill on the use of the GAY word.
To: BigTravis1313– ok, cool.
To: Matthews628- Seriously I’m 21 and a dude.

At first it was funny to me that my video was getting so many views and that Miley Cyrus was the background music for all these hardcore Seattle Fans. But then, my video made its way to a Seattle Seahawk website! Not only was my video on the site for all to see, but it was the subject of this article.

You can read the whole article at http://www.fieldgulls.com/2011/5/3/2150788/get-to-know-a-seattle-seahawk-mark-legree

Here is part of the article…

After the draft meandered to a close, I set about looking into some of the ‘Hawks selections, seeing as almost nobody predicted any of these guys ending up in Seattle. Get the little guy out of the way first, I told myself, and started looking at the small-school kid with a funny name. There wasn’t much out there in the way of video highlights and he didn’t seem to come out of school with the cult-following that a lot of smaller school prospects have. I began to get discouraged, thinking LeGree was an even bigger reach than I feared. If he’s so good, where’s all the fanfare?
Then I discovered this video. I avoided it at first because the quality makes it look like someone taped a copy of the Zapruder film through garden meshing and the song makes the whole thing seem like a joke, but I pressed on despite the obstacle, as heroes are inclined to do, and I’m nothing if not a hero.
I know the first thing you guys will comment on is the music for the video, but before you freak out, know that the song originally picked for the video was this, and that it only sounds like Miley Cyrus compared to the fury that LeGree displays on the field.

The problem is, FieldGulls website, (just understood the creativity of that name as I typed it) the whole thing was a joke. There is only one serious part of that whole highlight video and that’s where I say Best Safety In the Nation! Had I known that this video would have been the only official video for him I would have taken more time on it and maybe changed the song. But then again maybe not because then it probably would not have been mentioned in this article.


Everyone should check out the full article because it is very funny and true!


Interview with Matt Taylor

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Matt Taylor is a stud pitcher at Middle Georgia College. Matt is ranked 12th on Perfect Game’s Top 100 JUCO prospects for the 2011 draft. Currently, he attends Middle Georgia where he plays for Coach Craig Young. He spent his freshman season at the University of Alabama. Taylor was a 50th round selection by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2009 MLB draft. He was a standout pitcher and hitter at Columbus High School. Went 30-5 in his prep career and was named a 2009 Louisville Slugger All-American. As a senior, he went 14-4 with a 0.89 ERA and hit .450-8-58. He was the 2009 Columbus High School Player of the Year and a National Scholar Athlete. Not to mention he has mad skills in Upward Basketball!

He currently holds a 6-2 record with at 2.02 era. He has 85 strikeouts in 49 innings!!!! I think some of the batters Matt has faced have been taking Babe Ruth’s quote literally….

Here is the Interview…

ZC-What are your hopes/plans for next season?
Matt Taylorhopefully starting my professional career, but if that does not work out, then I’ll be in Athens playing for the Bulldogs.
ZC-Do you still get to hit or are you full-time pitcher now?
Matt Taylor– I still get to swing… I haven’t done much hitting since they placed the ball on the tee at age 5.
ZC-That’s not true I just googled you and you’re an all around baller!
Matt Taylor-Are you sure you didn’t find articles of our Upward Basketball dominance led by the Great Coach Andrew Denzik?
ZC-Haha, I had to scroll past those!
ZC-How fast are you throwing now-a-days? I have only heard rumors…
Matt Taylor-I have been around 90-94 most of the time this season.
ZC-Wow! That explains your ridiculous strikeout numbers, you are like the Ultimate Fantasy Baseball player!
Matt Taylor-I’m taking Hanley Ramirez #1 in my fantasy draft. No doubt. Stud.
ZC-If there was a such thing as professional Upward Basketball would you choose that over MLB?
Matt Taylor-Only if the “Dream Team” would reassemble!
( Paul Hoffman, Cooper Martin, Matt Taylor, Zach Corcoran, Charles Rossi, Martin Weatherby, Will Pyron = Dream Team)
ZC-Do you have a twitter? I need more followers…
Matt Taylor-I think I have one, but I don’t know my password or username…
ZC-I ask every person I interview if they have seen my site and if they predict over or under 100 views… By the way my last one had over 300!
Matt Taylor– It depends if you are posting a link on Facebook? If yes, then I’m going over.
ZC-Haha yes I will be, and I’m betting your post will break the record previously held by Mark LeGree.
Matt Taylor-Junior College Baseball player with more popularity than a future NFL Safety? Haha no way.
ZC– We will see!
ZC-Did you know I can throw a knuckle ball? Do you think you could hit it?
Matt Taylor– I’ve never figured out how to throw one. Give me a knuckle ball lesson next time I’m in Statesboro??
ZC-You got it! Cooper wanted me to ask who your first friend was in Columbus? Haha
Matt Taylor-Hahaha it was Cooper. I played catch with him my first day at Columbus high school! Good times..
ZC-Do you have internet on your phone? (my parents read this and i want to show them that most people do)
Matt Taylor-Haha yes I do.
ZC-Do you know anyone that does’t have internet on their phone besides me?
Matt Taylor-My suitemate, but he has a 2002 Nokia phone that has the original SNAKE on it!
(Well besides him MOM!)
ZC-Thanks for doing the interview man!
Matt Taylor-Haha no problem!! See ya Saturday night!

Anything is Possible if….

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I am a self-proclaimed Famous Blogger. I felt a resume was necessary because I have run into a problem with athletes not responding to my request for an interview. I am usually modest about my superb writing abilities, but when athletes reject my interviews I need to remind them who they’re dealing with. I feel it is time to let the world know of my grandiose accomplishments.

My resume includes-

First place winner in State Reflections contest with an inspiring story based on the theme “Anything is possible if…” I ended my story with “anything is possible if you just believe”. I wrote that story when I was in fourth grade. In fifth grade, I won third place for a DARE essay on why I would not do drugs. In eighth grade, I won an award for a story that I wrote for a standardized test. No one knows that I used the same story from fourth grade. ( I had that story memorized, because for Christmas, I got the story framed with the plaque and it was put up right by my bed). My English teacher was surprised that I won, and asked me if I was surprised. I told her I wasn’t because in fourth grade I was a child prodigy. She did not understand. I left it at that. That was my last award for writing. Although in high school, my English teacher recommended me being in a honors English class because of my writing on a particular assignment . I declined.

Here is a list of athletes/people that I have contacted or would like to contact for an interview in the future.

I have tried to contact Matt Szczur of the Chicago Cubs and he has not responded. He also has not accepted my friend request on Facebook. I will not hold this against him because he is a beast that could have played in the NFL but chose to play professional Baseball. Besides his obvious talents as a two sport Athlete, he saved a little girl’s life by doing a bone marrow transplant. Not only was he willing to do the transplant, but he was willing to miss the National Championship Game in order to do so. Fortunately for Villanova, the surgery was moved back and Szczur was able to play and help lead his team to a victory. He successfully did the transplant on a later date. He seems like a real cool dude and I would love to do an interview with him. I see him becoming a fan favorite in Chicago in the next couple of years and wouldn’t mind having him on my fantasy team.

Another Dude I would like to interview is Jimmer Fredette from BYU. He is out of this world! Surely if there ever was a man capable of receiving Golden plates weighing 200 pounds from the sky it would be Jimmer! After all he has been able carry his team on his back for the whole season. The heavenly messenger should have thought it through a little more when he chose Joseph Smith Jr. Unfortunately for Jimmer, Polygamy was outlawed by the Mormon Church so he won’t be able to fully cash in on his fame.

I would also like to interview Michelle Beadle from sports nation. I would only ask her one question, “Will you marry me”?

As I struggle with finding people to interview, I go back to to the story in fourth grade and remind myself that Anything is possible if…you just believe! I want to believe that one day this blog will make it big. Also that…

Matt Szczur is going to be a special player and a fan favorite with the Cubs. I would like for him to believe in my blog and respond back or at least accept my friend request on facebook!

I do not believe in Mormonism so the story is not relevant here.

Michelle Beadle should accept my marriage propsal and follow on twitter.

Also check out my Bro’s blog at http://onlyhalfalive.com/

Mark LeGree Interview…..# 2

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As some of you may know, (and by some I mean two people) I used to have a blog called, “The Blogger Blog Boy”. You can check it out here-http://thezachcorcoranworld.webs.com/apps/blog/, My first blog was an interview with Dre’ LeGree. Since then many things have changed. For starters, Dre’ now goes by Mark and happens to be one of the top safeties in this years draft. MARK went from being a 3 year starter at Pacelli High Catholic School, to a 3 time All-American for Appalachian State. Another change is… I have teamed up with fellow blogger/friend/fantasy- rival Brandon Strozier and started a new Blog called, “Where Random and Sport Collide”. With this change…came views from not only my Mom but 2,000 plus other lucky viewers. On December 3, 2008 I interviewed Mark and here is a copy of our first interview….

ZachCorcoran-Will you do an interview for my website, that i created?
Mark LeGree-Yeah
ZachCorcoran- Do you have a nickname? If so what is it?
Mark LeGree-Not now i’m about to go to my meetings.
ZachCorcoran-Ok thats going in there.
4 hours later…..
ZachCorcoran- Are you ready to continue with your interview?
Mark LeGree- Naw later.
ZachCorcoran-dude why?
Mark LeGree-Can I text it?
ZachCorcoran-Since you’re now the nation’s leader in Interceptions, what do you say to the schools that overlooked you?
Mark LeGree-nothing
ZachCorcoran-Well what do they mean by the schools overlooked you? Were they looking for you and they just couldnt find you because you were too short?
Mark Legree-(laughs) This is a joke.
ZachCorcoan-No the site is real.
ZachCorcoran- Have you seen the site yet?
Mark LeGree-No
ZachCorcoran-I Guess being a stud means you don’t have much time for those kinds of things?
Mark LeGree-No i’m gaming.
ZachCorcoran-Does being bow legged benifit or harm you?
Mark LeGree-It makes me faster.
ZachCorcoran-Whats your racial background?
Mark LeGree- Half Pureto Rican and black
ZachCorcoran- What’s your second best sport?
Mark Legree-Soccer
ZachCorcoran- How do you feel about me having other black friends?
Mark Legree- I think it’s stupid. You should only have one.
ZachCorcoran- Do you think Armanti will do the same interview?
Mark LeGree-No
ZachCorcoran-Is he too big for this site?
Mark LeGree- Yes
ZachCorcoran-Well i’m going to ask him anyway.
Mark LeGree-Do it!!
ZachCorcoran- Well thanks for doing my interview,check it out tonight. Good luck saturday
Mark LeGree-Thanks

I’m interviewing him again to see how both of us have changed. Mark as a player/interviewee (is that correct Mom?) and me as a interviewer (and again Mom?) He is on vacation at the beach so hopefully he will respond in a timely manner…

Zach -I’m about to interview you via text message for my website.
Zach (10 mins. later)- Answer me I am in mid blog.
Mark LeGree- Who is interview with?
Zach-Me! What would you like to say to teams that might be considering drafting you?
Mark LeGree- They would be making a mistake if they didn’t draft me.
Zach-You hear that Falcons?! … Do you remember the first time I interviewed you?
Mark LeGree- No I don’t.
Zach- It was over two years ago and since then I have become a famous blogger and am looking to be drafted by future blog teams, so I don’t blame you for forgetting.
Zach- What do you think about Josh Buchanan ranking you 15 on his small school big board?
Mark LeGree- People can rank however they want. Draft projections are not a science.
Zach- Well I think he and everyone else, who overlook you should do an interview with me a couple of years from now and we can talk about your NFL Defensive Player of the Year Trophy!
Zach- Do you think doing this interview will help you in any way?
Mark LeGree- Yeah, any exposure is great!
Zach- Can you try and be funnier?
Mark LeGree- No
Zach- Do you remember when I beat you in a foot race?
Mark LeGree- I was wearing flip flops
Zach-Did you know that over 2,000 people have read my blog?
Mark LeGree- You’re welcome lol jk
Zach- haha!
Zach- How would you describe your performance at this years NFL Combine?
Mark LeGree- 3rd round
Zach- Do you know a funny question I could ask for you to give a funny answer?
Mark LeGree- You’re the Comedian, you come up with something.
Zach- Where are you projected to be drafted?
Mark LeGree- Anywhere from #1 pick to Mr irrelevant!
Zach-hahaha ok.
Zach- Would it be more accurate to say that I am like Bill Simmons, or that you are like Ed Reed?
Mark LeGree-Neither
Zach- I would disagree.
Zach- Would you pick over or under 100 views for this post?
Mark LeGree-Over
Zach- I wouldn’t.
Zach- If this site was capable of a pod cast video interview would you be interested?
Mark LeGree- Sure
Zach- I will work on that… How would you compare my interview to that of NFL teams?
Mark LeGree- Yours was more fun.
Zach-Thanks for the interview, Check out the blog tonight!

Shout out to my Mom for sending me grammar mistakes after every blog!